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2022 Lottery & New Babes

2022 Priority Drawing Announced

After much anticipation, 2022 lottery licenses have been announced! No Type 47's in San Francisco, Alameda, or Marin unfortunately, but there are licenses in Napa, Contra Costa, and LA. We can submit the application for you for $300, just reply to this email or call to get that going. See the ABC announcement HERE. (On-Sale are Types 47, 48 or 75 & Off-Sale is Type 21)

San Francisco "Fringe Neighborhood" Type 87

San Francisco doesn't have any 47's, but once again ABC is offering 5 Type 87 licenses (similar to a 47 in privileges but restricted to certain neighborhoods and resale terms). More on that HERE.

If the license you're looking for isn't on the list, we can help you find one! We can always help with lottery applications, selling or buying your license.

New ABC License Co Babes on Board!

We are SO thrilled to introduce you to our newest team members. Meet Jennifer Sebay, Admin & Licensing Consultant extraordinaire and Mandy Giacosa Aguero, our fierce Regional Director of Sales. They are both fascinating women, full of joie de vivre, vibrant ideas, and small business grit... and we cannot wait for you to meet them for yourselves.

Read more about Mandy, Jenn & the rest of the team HERE.

That's all for now! It's such a privilege to serve the brilliant, creative, and generous lot of you.

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