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As you may know, certain types of "general" licenses are limited in California and can't be purchased directly from the Dept. of ABC. These include Type 47, 48, 21, 75 and sometimes the 20. 


In order to place one at your premises, we need to find one on the secondary market. We got you!


We have an extensive network of brokers and clients and can just about always find the license you are looking for. We have good intel on license values as well, so you can be assured you are getting your license for a fair price. 

If you decide, for whatever reason, it's time to get out of a project and want to sell your valuable license asset, we are here to help. We can almost always find legitimate buyers within our client network. We will also market your license to our broker colleagues to get your license sold, and get you paid, as quickly as possible.


We operate a little differently than most brokers, we don't collect our commission until the deal closes and you get paid. Our commitment to making this process as painless as possible applies no matter what deal we're working on. 

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