The Team

Carrie A Peters

Founder, Fixer, CEO

I have done this work exclusively for over 20 years.  First in the excellent legal firm of Hinman & Carmichael, then Farella Braun + Martel, and finally on Maiden Lane at Haas & Najarian. I realized several years ago that I could bring this quality of service to restaurateurs and bar owners without bogging them down with the excesses of working with a law firm. So in 2012, ABC License Company was born, and I am thrilled to know and assist so many inspiring culinary businesses in the great state of California.


I was born in Southern California and grew up in the agricultural oasis of the Sacramento River Delta. Summers during my college years were spent working in my grandmother Josephine’s Los Angeles Italian restaurant, Barone’s. She was a glamorous and formidable woman, and she taught me the value of paying for great service and going for what you want. With this experience, combined with my youth spent in farm country, I could not help but be passionate about food – every aspect of it.


This industry is in my blood.


Jemma Jorel Lester

VP of Marketing & Operations

Growing up in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State, I have early memories of the flavors, textures, and origins of food, as we were situated in the heart of some of NY’s best farmland and across the Hudson River from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. From dinner at the legendary Ship Lantern Inn (where I was called Miss America by the career waiters who still work there) to my father’s lifelong quest to make the perfect hot and sour soup, I was constantly stimulated by food and hospitality. My family has always expressed love through food, and it early became a language I revert to with loved ones as well. I’m fascinated by the entire process, from farming to preparation to pairing, and I do not take the quality offered in our innovative Bay Area for granted. I love being involved in all the magic that happens here.


The liquor license process we manage allows great food to be made and employs some of the most interesting people imaginable. It’s an honor to provide hospitality to the best hospitality purveyors in the business.


Before joining Carrie, I studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I met the first love of my life, a vintage Vandercook letterpress. The long-lost art of type-setting and mixing ink has taught me both patience and discipline to focus on the details that are crucial in preparing precise applications on behalf of our clients. Sometimes, being a fanatic about the details isn't such a bad thing.


I was born in Curitiba, Paraná in the south of Brazil. Curitiba is a city that reminds me so much of San Francisco, and maybe that's part of why I felt immediately connected to the Bay Area. A few years ago, I settled with my husband in Oakland – strategically located in the heart of our clientele – where a rich blend of cultural diversity and delectable cuisine are staples of our community. 


Hospitality is my new art.


Paola Horevicz Hurtado

Licensing Consultant, In-House Artist

Celine Anouk Hurtado

Office Pup


I'm the only four-legged member of the office and you could say I've become the unofficial company mascot.

You might wonder where I get all my cuteness, and the answer is this: my dad is a Husky and my mom is Pitbull. Feel free to call me Celine, the Pitsky. I've got traits from both sides (see my ears?) and if you come meet me you'll notice the energy of a Husky and the friendliness of a Pitbull.


My human mom likes to bring me into the office, so on most days, that's where you'll find me. Just an added treat for when you come sign all those ABC forms.