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How To: Covid-19 Temporary Expansion

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The Dept. of ABC has released a fast track expansion process to help licensees use nearby spaces and comply with social distancing guidelines in California. As soon as your county shows up on THIS LIST from California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and your city says you can open for outdoor dining, you may submit this application via mail to your local ABC district office. They will confirm via email. You can start serving alcohol outside as soon as you get their email response.

It includes 2 forms and a check for $100 made payable to: Dept. of ABC

Form 1: ABC218

Download PDF • 486KB

Instructions: Complete license number and fields #1-11, read and check all 7 boxes, and sign and date.

Form 2: ABC253

Download PDF • 183KB

Instructions: Complete fields #1-4, draw or paste in a diagram of the new space you want to add. It should include dimensions and a description of where the space is. Here's an example:

ABC is not asking for proof that you have control over the area you're expanding to. You will need to check with local governing bodies for what you can and cannot do as they can shut you down. For example, Oakland is not enforcing penalties for using business frontage and they have a forthcoming parklet expansion process.

It looks like cities are going to try to accommodate restaurants here, but there are a lot of stakeholders to consider (ADA, cranky residents, etc.) and you can get shut down pretty easily if there are enough valid complaints. Be somewhat cautious.

Bars, wineries, breweries are now allowed to apply for this expansion as long as you are offering "substantial meals". You still need to comply with your license privileges and restrictions (ie. no minors allowed in an outdoor space licensed for a bar). ABC requires a food contract (can be super simple) and a menu to approve your temp expansion.


Finally, if you want our help with this, we are here for you and will handle for $100. You can also pay via CC. Book below and we'll submit the required packet to ABC on your behalf.

Email to get help:


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