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Make your parklet permanent on your ABC license!

Outdoor seating or parklet for a restaurant or cafe.

Permanently-Licensed Parklets

With the COVID-19 emergency coming to an end, your Temporary Parklet Permits will also be coming to an end January 2024. But fret not -- ABC is now allowing those parklets to be added to your permanent license, and we can help.

Want your parklet to be official? Let us know.

Whether we handled your Temporary Parklet Permit or not, we can help you permanently add your parklet to your license. Our flat fee of $1215 will cover our work and the ABC fee. Click the button below to get started or email us if you have questions.


Instagram feed for ABC License Company.

And we're also here for anything else you might need.

Always feel free to reach out with any other questions. Give us a follow on Instagram and let's keep in touch.

Looking forward to licensing those beautiful parklets of yours!

Paola Horevicz Hurtado VP of Operations, Licensing Specialist ABC License Company

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