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Thoughts for now, thoughts for later

Before I get to the nitty gritty for licensees, and since we are writing this for all sorts of industry partners, a quick appeal to keep shopping local and supporting your neighborhood grocery stores and restaurants. Our local infrastructure, independent farmers, producers and the soul of our food culture depend on it!

SHOP LOCAL!!  Now, off the soapbox and into the weeds: As you start to chart your path forward, I wanted to share what we know about ABC relief measures and other possible and timely avenues for business development/survival. Renewal Notices For now, renewal payments due at the end of March & April have been subject to a one month extension. There's a good chance that renewals due at the end of May will be added. Please let me know if this applies to you and I'll let you know what your options are. If you're not operating, you might consider taking the penalty fee so those funds can go to other expenses for now. We're available to discuss specifics for your license, just reply here. Here's a link to timing and specifics on that. RENEWAL INFO Off-Sale Privileges Going forward, you may want to make sure you can keep your "to go" business humming along with alcohol sales. Now would be a good time to modify your conditions to include off-sale privileges if they were previously limited.  Types 41, 42, 47 & 48 initially include off sale privileges of sealed beer & wine but many police departments and ABC offices restrict this through your "Conditions". Reach out to confirm what your specific conditions permit and to discuss doing a "Condition Modification" so that when the relief measures are lifted, you will be able to continue beer & wine sales "to go".  Patio or Premises Expansions ABC has streamlined premises expansions in the past year, so adding outdoor seating or expanding into adjacent space is an administrative process that does not require a 30 day posting. If you want to add outdoor space that makes social distancing a little easier, please reach out! You cannot serve alcohol in unlicensed space, so please check with us before you reopen your dining rooms, patios and sidewalks. 

More Help BASE Force is a volunteer program put together by Bay Area attorneys and Berkeley Law students to help small businesses & non-profits to navigate the loans, grants and legal risks specific to each city, county and statewide. There's a webinar today (from 3-4pm) and they have weekly office hours scheduled until mid-June. Lots of good info on the guide (including webinar sign up & office hours): BASE Force Guide

  • Here is our Covid-19 info page: LINK

  • Here is Dept. of ABC's info page: LINK

The state has advised they'll give about 10 days notice for when the relief measures end. We will keep you informed of any new info we get on how ABC will handle the reopening.

Until then, keep on surfing, friends. 

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