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Minor Troubles & Lottery Announced

Luck of the Draw

Well this entire year has felt like a nightmare lottery none of us signed up for, but I wanted to let you know that ABC has announced details for the 2020 liquor license lottery. The usual suspects are on here, new licenses available in Alameda County, Contra Costa, LA etc. There are also 8 in Santa Clara and 5 in Napa. We can submit the application for you for $250, just reply to this email or call to get that going.  See the full list of counties HERE San Francisco doesn't have any 47's, but once again ABC is offering 5 Type 87 licenses (similar to a 47 in privileges but restricted to certain neighborhoods and resale terms).  More on that HERE. If you're interested in SF licenses, Covid has shifted the market substantially and they are available at MUCH lower prices. Reach out if you're thinking of upgrading a 41 or are in a position to take advantage of the unprecedented discounts. We can help with lottery applications, selling or buying a license.


Good Trouble

Look, there is no such thing as the late Mr. John Lewis's "good trouble" when it comes to ABC penalties.  ABC's enforcement arm is spending considerable resources trying to prevent alcohol from getting in the hands of minors, and penalizing licensees who are not taking adequate precautions. The big thing is delivery. Due to the prevalence of third-party delivery services and contactless delivery (for the, you know, PLAGUE we're dealing with), ID's are not getting checked consistently. As the licensee, YOU ARE LIABLE IF ALCOHOL YOU SELL IS RECEIVED BY A MINOR DECOY IN AN ABC STING OPERATION. They understand this is a really difficult thing to manage with the current situation, but you need to at least try to ensure minors are not receiving deliveries.  Some best practices:

  1. Ask delivery drivers to ask patrons if they're over 21. (ABC sting operator minors cannot lie when asked that question)

  2. Put a reminder on packages containing alcohol so it's easier for drivers to remember there's booze in there. (They also are liable, so it's in their best interest)

  3. Verify ages and ID's where possible in the ordering process. (The more you can show ABC you've tried to avoid deliveries to minors, the better shape you are in to avoid disciplinary action)


Temp Expansions & Covid Relief Measures

The Temp Expansion permits are getting approved quickly, if you still need to do that, read this post for instructions or book the service HERE to have us handle it. Questions about what you can and can't do with alcohol right now? Please reach out so we can go over your specific situation. It varies by city & license type and we can help you navigate the new rules.


Final Thoughts

We know this has been an incredibly difficult year for the industry. Just know we are rooting for you and want to see you on the other side of this. Please don't hesitate to check in if you need help figuring something out, a reminder of how amazing you are, or some gals with a dark sense of humor to commiserate with you on this mess.  🖤🖤🖤

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