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More About Drinks "To Go"

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hope your heart rate is coming back to a manageable level and you're finding your way through this moment. Regarding the sales of alcoholic beverages "to go" and the required poster that is visible to your customers, ABC made a printable version of it that I wanted to send you, below.  Because we have gotten a lot of questions about that rule in particular, here's what you can do right now during this temporary, emergency legislation:

  • Restaurants can sell the alcohol permitted under their license type (beer & wine for Type 41; beer, wine and distilled spirits for Type 47) "to go" in manufacturer-sealed containers (ie. bottles and cans of wine and beer). 

  • Type 41 and Type 47 licensees can also sell poured beverages (beer, wine and beer/wine-based mixed drinks for Type 41; beer, wine and all cocktails for Type 47)  in "secure" containers, ie. disposable cups with lids or growlers. Any holes in the lids should be taped over or covered in some way. 

One other thing— while ABC is not enforcing any "no off sale" conditions, they do not have any control over rules from your city's planning department. If Palo Alto or Walnut Creek specifies in your CUP that no off sales are allowed or you have to close by 11pm, local law enforcement might be enforcing that. You need to ask the city if they are enforcing those restrictions. These relief measures mean that California's State Agency the Dept. of ABC enforcement officers are not out looking for violations of this right now, or collaborating with local jurisdictions on these rules. Let me know if you have specific questions about that.  And put this poster up where people are ordering. If you prefer a PDF, just send us a note.

Additional Funding

At the risk of telling you something you already know, I hope you are applying for the SBA disaster loan and filing claims for business interruption with your insurance agents. Some of these may be denied at first, but it's likely that eligibility will increase, more funding will be available and it's good to put yourself in line and be ready with receipts. 

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